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Before, the seasonal production planning was taking 6 weeks to do. Since Fidelio, it now takes 2 days. +
Jonathan Gagné, CIO, Stelpro Design


December 05, 2017
In Quebec, La Petite Bretonne is well-renowned. Its products are must-haves in the pastry and bakery departments of large and small grocery stores. Moreover, most of us already have eaten the brand’s mini-croissants or “chocolatines”. However, behind these pastries that brighten up our breakfast tables lays a rigorous management of manufacturing operations and distribution… +
November 07, 2017
High-end bikes distributed over 70 different countries, a victory at Tour de France or a bronze medal at the summer Olympic games in Rio, discover the amazing growth of Argon 18! Frédéric Piché, IT Director, shares with us his observations regarding the major contribution of Fidelio ERP software to the company’s growth. When passion and business lead to a prodigious success… +