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Maçonnex selects Fidelio ERP software

June 05, 2018

This leading distributor of masonry, high-end exterior wall cladding and landscaping products will team up with Commsoft Technologies, the Fidelio ERP developer, to optimize the management of its business. The company's old DOS system will be replaced by our powerful ERP software.

Maçonnex, a product distribution company, selects Fidelio ERP software

An efficient inventory system to manage 9 stores, 200,000 products and 120 employees

Fidelio ERP software will help optimize inventory management across all the stores. Many features are expected to appeal greatly to the employees at Maçonnex: real-time tracking of merchandise transfers, in store availability expected date as well as product search made easy.

Avoiding data entry errors

Centralizing the information in the ERP system will avoid double and triple data entry. In the past, the same information could be written in different files or even on paper. In the future, the information will be written once in the ERP software, and everyone involved will have access to it.

Improving billing process

Billing is another important aspect that will be facilitated following the implementation of ERP Fidelio.

Integrated e-commerce for real-time inventory updates

Maçonnex’s online store will be integrated into the ERP software. All products will then be linked in real time to the inventory while the transactions will appear automatically in the accounting records.

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