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HR Management ERP System 

Organize and control the information about your employees

Fidelio allows integrated management of human resources tracking. The employee file is centralized to keep track of every event of an employee within your organization. Fidelio allows, via the Web, to decentralize the information to those concerned to see or to enter new events.

Your business challenges

Obtain relevant information and up-to-date on your employees
Reduce the costs of maintaining multiple employee records for each of the HR related subjects
Obtain efficient and reliable reports on the status of HR
Ensure compliance with government standards


Maximize your human resources planning
Save time with the administration of your employees
Eliminate multiple entries and allow the decentralization of information via a portal
Automate your HR processes and repetitive tasks


Employees complete records
Management of historical employment and wage
Management of performance reviews and disciplinary actions
Management of the training (Act-90)
Property Management provided to employees
Management of applicants
Variety of HR reports (Act-90, HR Budget by department)