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Purchasing ERP Software 

Automate purchasing according to demand and forecasts

« With Fidelio’s purchasing module, I increased my net profit by 1.5% in only the first year. » - Daniel Guilbeault, Produits et services de la construction Montréal.

Fidelio manages product purchasing according to demand. With quote requests, purchase orders, client history and forecasting, this module helps you improve inventory planning, materials requirements, and stock periodicity (min/max).

Your business challenges

Maintain optimal stock levels
Decrease purchasing and warehousing costs
Eliminate back-order stock
Manage procurement delays


Receive alerts when the stock quantities are abnormal
Benefit from purchasing suggestions on behalf of your system
Facilitate the buyer’s job
Hold a complete visibility on your purchasing
Integrate purchasing and suppress data entry errors


Purchase order
Order reception
Prices and purchasing discounts
Purchase analysis
Back order stocks
Supplier return
Capitalized cost