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Time & Attendance Software 

Manage Employee Time Attendance and reduce inefficient costs

Fidelio collects time stamps via electronic time clocks, web timesheet and mobile applications (Web or Smartphone). Fidelio manages time by exception and applies business rules or collective agreements and calculates premiums, overtime, time banks, etc...

Your business challenges

Pay employees quickly and efficiently
Comply with labor standards, company internal policies or collective agreement
Monitor labor activities in real time


Reduce your labor costs by eliminating manual errors
Automate the management and validation for timesheets
Completely eliminate time wasters and time theft due to buddy punching
Get real-time reliable data and boost your performance, productivity and decision making ability


Electronic time clock and web timesheet
Manage availabilities of employees
Automate business rules and collective agreements
Automate holidays and time bank
Real time visualization of your KPI’s