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Argon 18 – Better growth management thanks to Fidelio ERP software

« At the same time as the implementation of Fidelio, our company lived a great growth. Within 3 years we went from 34 to 55 employees. This growth definitely wouldn’t have had the same impact without a software such as Fidelio. »

Company: Argon 18
IT Manager: Frédéric Piché
Industry: Premium/high end bike manufacturing

The challenge

Argon 18 designs and manufactures premium/High end bikes. The founder, Gervais Rioux, is a former professional racing cyclist. In 1989, he decided to get involved in the bike industry and success came fast. Nowadays, many champions represent the brand all around the world and prestigious competitions are won. Because of this popularity, it is essential for the management team to be able to meet the demand fast.

With this new business plan, it was necessary to replace the three different systems they used by a single one that would offer centralized and consistent information. Here, the challenge was to reduce the number of errors, optimize the customer service, estimate some order arrival times and improve sales.

Besides, Argon 18 needed to work with a flexible and customizable system that would allow them to focus on their goals instead of wasting time on the office management issues.

Fidelio’s difference

A customizable and flexible system
Browsing comfort facilitates transition and training
Data consistency through the system
Inventory linked to accounting
Tracking available thanks to the purchasing suggestions module

The ROIs

Lost sales reduction with the B2B e-commerce
Complete optimization of the inventory control which is now showed in real-time
Customer satisfaction improvement
Decreased number of hours spent on order follow-ups
Control over manufacturing capacities and delivery time

Company profile

Number of employees: 55
Location: Montreal
In business since: 1989
Implementation: 2014