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Jacmar Automation – discounts, inventory, orders, design project management; Fidelio revolutionized our business processes.

« Within one year our return on investment was made. It’s mainly due to a better management of supplier discounts. With Fidelio, we were able to double our claims compared with the previous year when everything was managed manually. »

Company: Jacmar Automation
Vice-President: Gabriel Jacques
Industry: Distribution of electronic components and design of industrial electronic components.

The challenge

In business since 1994, Jacmar Automation is a retailer and a designer of industrial electronic products. This combination of services makes the company unique in this market. The company offers a complete range of electronic components coming from about forty different suppliers. Those products are intended to be used by industrialists and machines builders.

According to an expansion logic, Jacmar needed to optimize their control over project costs, improve the inventory management and be able to make online transactions. The company needed a more efficient management software that would give them control over their data while saving time.

On the other hand, it was essential for the company to work with a flexible system that could easily adapt itself to changes and possible modifications.

Difference Fidelio brought

A flexible system
Effective price management in real time thanks to the system integration
Order placing optimization through an improved computer process
Customer service improvements with the transactional Web portal
Direct deliveries automated through to the multi-supplier purchase suggestions

The ROIs

Reduction of more than half of the time usually spent on delivery management
Improvement of raw profits margins of 1% thanks to Fidelio
Better view on activities through the data drilling
Doubling of net profit on supplier discounts

Company profile

Number of employees: 30
Location: Anjou, Boucherville, St-Laurent and Victoriaville
In business since: 1994
Implementation: 2014