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Liquidation Plomberie Mascouche

« The biggest benefit with Fidelio is improving customer service. »

Company : Liquidation Plomberie Mascouche
Operations manager : Mélanie Carrier
Wholesalers-distributors : Plumbing equipment and supplies

The challenge

Liquidation Plomberie Mascouche has been established in the plumbing sector for more than 20 years and offers 25,000 sq. ft of goods to its customers. The company undoubtedly find a wide selection of bathrooms and kitchens adapted to all budgets and every style, without compromising on quality.

Liquidation Plomberie Mascouche’s old computer system was unable to provide the required information to make optimal decisions during their continuous growth. After two expansions, the company needed to integrate a solution that meets the new business challenges.

Difference made by Fidelio

Flexible, intuitive, completely integrated system with powerful drill-down capacities
Net improvement of the customer service
Optimization of the requirements planning (MRP)
Support the growth
Focus on our business

The ROIs

Real-time, precise inventory
Easier data analysis
Better use of credit
Redesign of business processes
Reduction of human errors

Company profile

Number of employees: 30
Location: Mascouche, Laval, Saint-Léonard
In business since: 1989
Implementation: 2010 Website: