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Les Distributions Mondoux Inc.

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Company : Les Distributions Mondoux Inc.
CFO : Luc Deaudelin
Industry : Manufacturing, repackaging and distribution of treats and sweets

The challenge

In an industry in which the growth usually follows the inflation, Mondoux Distributions has seen an important expansion since the beginning of the 80’s. Its activities are spreading across Ontario and the eastern provinces.

Mondoux’s old computer system was unable to provide the required information to make optimal decisions during their continuous growth. This system was limiting their activities and presented corrupted data issues.

Difference made by Fidelio

Knowledge and challenging of business processes
Functional diversity (evaluated by Mondoux end-users)
Flexible, intuitive, completely integrated system with powerful drill-down capacities
Sustained Commsoft employee involvement
Capacity to interface with Omniciel

The ROIs

Stocktaking time reduced by half with minimal disparities
Real-time inventory, including the trucks stocks
Better use of credit
Redesign of business processes
Reduction of human errors

Company profile

Revenue: 50 M $
Number of employees: 110
Location: Laval
In business since: 1967
Implementation: 2008

Fidelio modules used

Finance, sales, e-commerce, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, Route Manager interface