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La Petite Bretonne – manage two food factories with the Fidelio ERP software.

« Everything is easier and intuitive with Fidelio: search, analyze and control our data, prepare our purchase orders, manage our inventory or make buyback. »

Company: La Petite Bretonne
VP of Finances and Administration: Audrey Laurin
Industry: Manufacturing and distribution of bakery products

The challenge

Serge Bohec founded La Petite Bretonne in 1966. At that time, he was doing everything by himself: purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, billing and collection! More than 50 years of evolution and two factories later, the time had come for the company recognized for its micro-croissants to invest in an integrated management system. Before Fidelio, they used a management system with an ODM portion (handhelds) for distribution and another accounting portion. Besides these two aspects, nothing else was integrated…

First of all, they didn’t want to be simple data entry clerks anymore. They wanted to add value to their data by highlighting analytics and developing winning strategies from these data. Also, these same data could be manipulated several times a day by a multitude of stakeholders, greatly increasing the risk of human errors. At the same time, it was also necessary to optimize the buyback process, purchase orders or the various control points.

Finally, it was important for La Petite Bretonne to collaborate with a supplier nearby, who understood its business realities and who, being both designer and integrator of the ERP system, had the ability to personalize some features.

Fidelio’s difference

A flexible system designed and integrated by Commsoft Technologies
A great range of possibilities for improving processes in the future
Consistency of the information throughout the system
A close and human supplier
Powerful drilling for product traceability (batch management)

The ROIs

Buyback process customization
Significant reduction in return to work and double entries
Improvement and reduction of control points
Integrated and real time inventory
Easier data analysis

Company profile

Number of employees: 200
Location: Laurentides and Lanaudiere
In business since: 1966
Implementation: 2014