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Pilot P.B. – Fidelio ERP software offers a flexible and powerful price list management system.

« I can see at a glance what is going on in my business thanks to Fidelio. In three words: control, tracking and flexibility. »

Company : Pilot P.B. Inc.
CEO : Lorraine Boucher
Industry : Industrial equipment distribution

The challenge

Founded in 1903, Pilot P.B. specializes in the industrial equipment distribution. The company makes most of its sales in Quebec. Its customers are mainly in the aeronautics and tooling industry. Pilot P.B. offers more than half a million high-end products to its customers.

Their previous computer system was created in-house. So, it wasn’t flexible and depended on a single person for its maintenance. The system wouldn’t have been able to sustain the future needs of the company. In fact, Pilot P.B. was looking forward to increase its efficiency and its profitability. The company wanted a highly developed management system based on reliable technologies.

Difference made by the ERP software Fidelio

A fully integrated system across the entire company
A made in Quebec system
A team of specialists who understand their needs
Ability to meet current and future needs
Ability to customize the system according to specific expectations
Accuracy of the information throughout the system
Automated price list changes

The ROIs

Manual error reduction
Business process automation (many processes implied manual tasks)
Almost paperless environment
Better profit margin and credit monitoring
Flexibility and power of the price management system

Company profile

Number of employees: 25
Location: Boucherville
In business since: 1903
Implementation: 2017

Fidelio modules used

Finance, sales, CRM, purchasing, inventory, Return Material Authorization (RMA)