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A 100% ERP integrated transactional website.

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100% integrated: information flows in real time

Directly developed in Fidelio ERP, from the same database, commands are processed in real time and data does not have to be entered again. Inventory and other information are automatically updated across the whole of the ERP system.

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E-commerce gives you direct access to product views, submission creation, order taking, order tracking and account statements.

Increase your sales volume without adding staff. Online sales simplify the purchase process for several clients.

Minimize phone calls from customers who wish to make follow-up. They will be pleased to be able to check on orders themselves on the website.

Optimize the Operations of your Company

Product catalogue

Secure online payment

Transaction and billing history

Shopping cart

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« Grace à mon nouveau e-commerce Fidelio, j’ai augmenté mes ventes de 25% sans embaucher de nouvel employé. De plus, mes clients impriment leurs factures et leurs états de compte directement par Internet. »

Martine L. ,  Distam

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