Our client’s success speaks for itself...

"When Fidelio was implemented, we were going through a growth period. Within 3 years we went from 34 to 55 employees. Our growth definitely wouldn’t have had been as big without a software such as Fidelio."

Frédéric Piché, IT Manager, Argon 18


Fidelio's difference

  • A customizable and flexible system
  • Its ease of use facilitates the transition and training
  • Consistent data throughout the system
  • Their Inventory is linked to accounting
  • Tracking made available through to the purchasing suggestions module


  • Reduction of last sales using B2B e-commerce
  • Complete optimization of inventory control which is now shown in real-time
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced number of hours spent on order follow-ups
  • Control over manufacturing capacities and delivery times
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