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The Fidelio ERP System Tapped by a Quebec Distributor to Optimize the Management of its 11 Gas Stations/Convenience Stores.

Our new client has been in business for 25 years, has a diverse operation. One of which is to supply its gas station/convenience stores with a number of products. It recently chose the Fidelio ERP system and its team to optimize and modernize their business processes.

Centralized operations

With the implementation of Fidelio ERP software, especially the point-of-sale (POS) module, information coming from the 11 stores will be centralized. Once network operation will be put into effect, management will be more efficient. Double data entry will be eliminated, and an overview of real-time operations will be possible.

Optimal inventory management

Having access to a real-time retail inventory will optimize purchasing operations. An overview of the products in inventory will allow each employee to know if a product that is out of stock at one location is available at another one.

We are already able to anticipate that this project will be a great success for this distributor!

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